Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Easter 2011

We had a good easter. The kids loved wearing their new church clothes. It took a couple of tries to get a good picture!

Ellie checking out her easter basket. 

Dying Easter Eggs

I must say that as the kids get older I enjoy dying eggs a lot more because they can do it themselves! The kids have to remind me that we still need to dye them, I always seem to forget about that!!

Ellie is busted!

We were in Logan visiting grandparents and little miss Ellie decided to get into the flour in the storage room! Thanks to Makayla for trying to help get her out of the room!

Valentine's Day 2011

I love setting the table for valentines day for my kids. My mom always did it when we were little and I loved it! I may not do as good of a job as my mom but I try!! As long as my kids are happy when they see it is all the matters!!

 Ellie has the look on her face of "What's going on?"

I found this hairstyle on pinterest and I loved how it turned out on Kaycee's hair. If you can't tell its a heart!

Random Pictures February 2011

I love how much Ellie is growing up. 

 I love how much you can see her dimples in this picture!
 I wish I could fall asleep like Makayla does!

Kaycee's Baptism January 14, 2011

Kaycee was baptized on January 14, 2011. We are so proud of her for making the choice to be baptized! She was so excited! I'm mad at myself for not taking more pictures. But it was my first child getting baptized, I was a little nervous!!

Kaycee's 8th Birthday

My Kaycee turned 8 in January. I can't believe she is already 8!! She is growing up way too fast. We had a party for her at Classic Skating. She had a blast with her friends. Sloan and I loved it too because we didn't have to clean up a mess!! 

 Makayla didn't like laser tag at first but she was a trooper and enjoyed it!!
 I was pretty impressed with the cake that walmart bakery made. I was hesitant using them at first but I will use them again!